Real Estate Closing Services


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We are agents for Attorney’s Title Guarantee Fund, Inc., a full-service Title Insurance Company.  As a Title Insurance Agency we can handle the closing of your transaction.  We prepare and handle the assembly of a Closing Statement, this is a compilation of the sale price, closing costs, fees and taxes related to purchase and sale of property.  We handle all necessary documents to close a transaction.

We work with the lender, bank, or mortgage broker to insure that the loan necessary for your transaction is properly documented and completed.  We offer “insured closings”.

KIRK GRAVES & NUGENT offers the service and convenience of having your attorney and your title insurance company close your transactions in your hometown.


Escrow Services

Occasionally, complications occur at or prior to closing.  In some instances these problems can be cured, and funds later distributed pursuant to escrow contract.  We offer the ability to draft escrow agreements, and to manage disbursement of funds.



When building a custom home or business building, often periodic funding is needed to compensate the contractor for the work, as it is completed.  We can provide necessary project inspections and fund periodic “draw” payments to protect the new owner and the lender during the construction process.



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Holly Sherman, Title Insurance Paralegal

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