Real Estate


Buying or Selling Residential Property

Buying a home may be the biggest and most important financial transaction of your life. It can be nerve racking, emotional and exciting! Selling a property is also challenging.  One fact is clear: buying, or selling is better with the assistance of a real estate attorney.

Involving an experienced real estate attorney means you will achieve the final, most important detail in the transaction: peace of mind!

Be sure that someone is looking out for your interests in the transaction. You need the advice of an independent party who is skilled in this process and has an undivided duty of loyalty to you. Engage an attorney at the earliest stage of the transaction. To proceed without legal advice is like being blindfolded. It is important to remember that your attorney in a real estate transaction is sometimes the only professional in the transaction looking out for your best interests.

Our attorneys can assist you from beginning to end. This includes reviewing listing contracts, preparing or reviewing offers to purchase, counter offers, as well as prepare the transaction to close, including drafting the necessary deed, transfer returns and closing statement. Along the way we offer the benefit of years of transactional real estate experience.

Let our experienced real estate attorneys can advise and guide you through the sale or purchase process.


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