Traditional Divorce & Collaborative Divorce

There are times when a marriage is just not working.  Plan for your future. Protect yourself and your children.


We offer traditional Divorce Representation.

The legal process of ending a marriage is made easier by the assistance of experienced family law attorneys.  Our legal team of skilled professionals can help you deal with the stress and confusion of contested disputes over children, income, assets or debt.

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We feature Collaborative Divorce Representation.

Collaborative Divorce is a BETTER way to divorce.  It is a process for your and your spouse to settle issues out-of-court with the guidance of your own attorney with the assistance of financial advisers and mental health counselors.  Parties enter into a written agreement to avoid the financial and emotional costs of traditional divorce process. Collaborative Divorce  centers on the important issues like your children and assets, and avoids unnecessary legal confrontation for your family.

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Attorney Franklin Kirk is a Certified Collaborative Divorce Attorney.