Family Law

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                                       Custody Disputes

koeck-kirk-and-graves-familyNot every marriage results in children, and not every divorce results in a dispute over custody and placement of children.  But when placement and custody disputes occur, nothing is more important than your point of view for your children’s future.  We aggressively assist fathers and mothers with those complicated issues.

Non-Traditional Family Issues

Family life today is not always traditional.  Many options exist to a traditional marriage.  We offer representation in “out-of-wedlock” situations where parents are not married.  This includes representation in paternity, placement and child-support actions.


Elder Law

As we age, we have unique and specialized needs.  This may mean individuals need help with managing our assets, or paying our bills.  Or, it may involve a nursing home placement, or dealing with end of life issues.  A Health Care or Durable Power of Attorney may be the necessary tool to deal with these situations.

We also provide assistance to those families where a loved one may need a guardianship or conservatorship.


Grandparents Rights & Guardianship of Minors.

Circumstances may exist where parents are unavailable or ill equipped to parent, we can as assist you in filling the gap to protect the minor children.  Grandparents can provide supportive care to assist family members in many circumstances.



Post-Judgment Motions.

Disputes over post-judgment placement, and child support adjustments are frequent issues after a divorce.   Life changes, and often the need for changes to court Orders are a necessity. We offer a full range of representation in divorce post-judgment matters.



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