Criminal and Traffic

You have been arrested. Contact an attorney!

koeck-kirk-and-graves-traffic Remember you have two important rights as a citizen: The right to remain silent and the right to a lawyer.

Your response to any type of an arrest, or receipt of a citation, should be to seek out information about how charges may affect you.

Critical and important evidence of your innocence may need to be quickly preserved.  Key witnesses need to be identified and contacted. A theory of your defense needs to be developed. If you are placed in custody, steps can be taken to obtain your release to return to your home and work.

The specific path your case will follow depends upon whether you are charged with a felony, a misdemeanor, or a civil forfeiture.  Serious penalties including prison, jail or probation can be imposed.  Your innocence can be preserved.  The impact of the charges can be minimized.  However, this will not happen without seeking the assistance of an experienced attorney.

Our attorneys represent individuals in a wide range of situations:


  • Traffic crimes & citations,
  • Defense of allegations of intoxicated (OWI) driving,
  • Battery or sexual assaults,
  • Domestic battery,
  • Crimes of abuse and neglect,
  • Crimes against property- theft, burglary.
  • Underage Alcohol offenses,
  • White collar crimes,
  • Retail theft,
  • Drug offenses,
  • Misdemeanor offenses,
  • Felony offense.

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You can obtain a copy of your Wisconsin Drivers License record from the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicle website: